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Speck & Snow Goose Hunts
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Speck & Snow Goose Hunts


Most folks know the greater white-fronted goose as "specklebelly", referring to the black bars on their breast.  Specks move into Arkansas in October & November and give us something else to shoot at during the winter.  With their population growing and speck hunting getting more popular we are having more and more hunters asking about them.  We hunt specks out of layout blinds, on ditch banks, or fence lines with 8-12 dozen full-body decoys.  The specks are pretty vocal birds and it sounds like your having a conversation with them all the way to the ground.  If you have never been on a speck hunt it is a must do, especially once you try some on the grill.  we can add an afternoon hunt with your morning duck hunt or plan you out a couple days of nothing but speck hunts.  Check out our packages page for prices and more info.

"White Devils"

Once duck season is over we take out our plugs, break out the e-callers, and dust off the snow goose decoys.  When the snow goose population exploded and they started eating themselves out of house and home the U.S. Fish & Wildlife opened up the Light Goose Conservation Order.  They eased up the restrictions which allow us to use electronic callers, unplugged shotguns, no bag limit, and as long as you have a valid hunting license from your state you do not have to buy an Arkansas license.  The season goes from February until April, but you want to get in early before they all make it back to their breeding grounds in the Arctic & Alaska.  A normal snow goose hunt consists of you meeting us at our hunting location and laying in white jump suits in the middle of 1,000-1,500 full body and sock decoys.  On a good day your group can take over 100 birds, with most days averaging between 30- 75.  On days the geese don't want to decoy we will take you on an old fashioned "ditch slip".  Some folks don't care much for sneak shooting but for us it's highly effective at making a big pile and a whole lot of fun.  Whether you are wanting to lay under thousands of snows maple leafing down into the spread or slipping down a tree line, this is a must do hunt for every waterfowler. Check out our packages page for prices and more info.

Speck Hunts

  • Morning speck hunt with meals & lodging $475/Per Person
  • Add an afternoon speck hunt to your morning duck hunt $150/Per Person
  • Don't need lodging? meet us in the field for a morning or afternoon hunt $175/Per Person
  • 2017-2018 Speck Season Dates: Nov. 15th-Dec. 1st, Dec. 3rd-Jan. 28th
  • Daily Bag Limit: 3

Conservation Snow Goose Hunts

  • Morning snow hunt with lodging(no meals) $250/Per Person
  • Don't need lodging?  Meet us in the field for $200/Per Person
  • 2017-2018 Light Goose Conservation Order Dates: Oct. 7-Nov. 14th, Jan. 29th-Feb. 2nd, Feb. 4th-April 25th
  • No Daily Bag Limit

* Bring 6 or more and your group will have the field to yourselves.
* If it is a slow morning, we will take your group on a sneak so you can get a good pic to show off to your buddies.